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The Argentine Grille will be featuring recipes from local “celebs” to benefit charities throughout the winter. $15 SPECIAL Entrees!

Well, we may not have Brittney - which I'm not saying is a bad thing - but in a small town like Rico just about everyone's a local celebrity. In honor of our small-town spirit, the Rico Argentine Grille at the Rico Hotel will be hosting what’s sure to become a cause célèbre.

On Thursday nights beginning in January, and continuing throughout the winter, one very special entrée will be offered to Argentine diners.

The special entrees will be concocted by ordinary locals whose participation will range from merely supplying the recipe, to actually getting behind the flames.

Each week a new Celebrity Chef will share their favorite recipe, family tradition or staple dish. According to the Argentine Grille's head chef, Eamonn O'Hara, "The only rule is no canned food!"

Despite a guaranteed good time, the stakes will be high for the guest chefs. Not only will the Argentine Grille donate 50% of the proceeds from each special plate to the Celebrity Chef’s favorite charity, the entrée with the most sales will be featured on this summer’s menu.

So far, confirmed chefs include Barbara Betts and Michael Ebert, Annie Belaska, June Carter, Ramon and Donna Escure, Paul Machado, Sarah Stalton, Stacy and Tanya Smith, Eileen and Sam McBride, Deanna and Pat Drew, and Becky and Derek Levy.

There are still many Thursdays open, so if you’re interested and you've got a following (immediate family count), call Eamonn with your entrée idea at 967-3000.

If you don't want to be a chef you can still participate by ordering the Thursday night special and showing your support for your Celebrity Chef’s cause.

Charities of choice throughout the years have included: The Rico Peace Garden, The Humane Society of Cortez, the Rico Alpine Society, The Rico Fire Protection District, The Rico PreSchool, and the Rico Children’s Ski and Swim Programs!


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Stay informed of our Special Events by signing up for our e-newsletter and our Facebook page!

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