Enjoy fine dining in the San Juan Mountain area, near Telluride Colorado. Rico Colorado Restaraunt 800-365-1971

"I just had the best dinner I've had in ages!!! Wow! The hotel is quaint and clean and I will stay here every time I travel to Rico for work."

Appetizers $8-$14

  • Crisp Crab Cake
    Chipotle crema, mango salsa
  • Grilled Spicy Beef Tenderloin Taco
    Mango, avocado, lime
  • Grilled Maine Scallop Vegetable Spring Roll
    Avocado, portobello mushrooms, zucchini, ginger soy vinaigrette
  • Tempura Jumbo Shrimp
    Vanilla, curry and lemon oil

Salads $8-$14

  • Classic Hotel Bel-Air Caesar Salad
    With garlic croutons, shaved Parmesan-Reggiano
  • Hearts of Palm
    Mixed greens, smoked bacon, blue cheese, avocado, red wine vinaigrette
  • Stone Free Farms Mixed Greens
    Kalamata olives, cured local tomatoes, red wine vinaigrette

Desserts $7

  • Seriously Decadent Chocolate Cake
    With vanilla ice cream
  • French Apple Tart
    Vanilla bean ice cream
  • Vanilla Crème Brulee
    With candied hazelnuts and caramel sauce
  • “Best Ever Brownie”
    Kahlua chocolate sauce

Soups $8-$14

  • Free Range Chicken Soup
    Bok choy, porcinis, capellini
  • Organic Carrot Ginger Bisque
    Grilled gulf shrimp coriander pesto

Entrées $18-$28

  • Grilled Angus Beef Filet
    Porcinis, Cognac-green peppercorn sauce
  • Pan-Roasted Chilean Sea Bass
    Cured local tomatoes, chardonnay cream, parsley vinaigrette
  • Free Range Chicken
    “House secret” red wine herb jus
  • James Ranch Beef Short Ribs
    Simmered in red wine and herbs, horseradish cream
  • Venison Shepherd’s Pie
    Grilled shiitakes and bok choy
  • Vegetable Lasagna
    Basil, ricotta, cured tomatoes